The Messina Strait Bridge

Italy, 1974-1979, 1983-1992, 2002, 2006-2011

Clients GPM Inc, Stretto di Messina Inc, Eurolink SCpA, COWI A/S

The Messina Strait crossing is a lifetime project for E.D.In. and for its partner prof. Fabio Brancaleoni, that, fresh graduate, started in 1974 his collaboration with GPM participating to feasibility studies on single or multi span alternatives, as well as for underground tunnels. After E.D.In. was founded, the collaboration continued in the eighties with Stretto di Messina Inc, continuing feasibility studies on single or multi span alternatives and on submerged floating tunnels. This period was concluded in 1992, with the selection of the 3300 m single span bridge and the preparation of the corresponding Progetto di Massima (intermediate design according to former Italian regulations). After a long stop, in 2002 E.D.In. updates the design modifying it in a Preliminary Design for General Contractor tender. After award, collaborates with the contractor Eurolink and the main designer Cowi A/S for the preparation of the Progetto Definitivo (detail design according to present Italian regulations), completed in 2011.

F. Brancaleoni, et alii – Design Concept, from early Days to Present , IABSE Symposium London 2011, invited lecture, Special Session on the Messina Strait Crossing

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