Miscellaneous Rail Bridges

Miscellaneous rail bridges, an overview:

Detail design of the substructures, Piadena-Mantova segment, Codogno-Mantova line, Lombardy, northern Italy, Client Italferr Inc, 2020

Detail design of the Bicocca-Catenanuova – Raddusa segment, comprising twenty seven rail viaducts and four road viaducts, Sicily, southern Italy, Client Italferr Inc, 2015

Construction design of bridges and viaducts for the Catania Siracusa line, Bicocca – Targia segment. Major structure is the bridge on the Gornalunga viaduct, Sicily, Client Italferr Inc, 2013

Detail design of the Parma – Vicofertile segment, within the doubling of the Parma – La Spezia line. Comprises several cut and cover tunnels, central Italy, Client Italferr Inc, 2011

Detail design of the doubling for the Fiumetorto-Cefalù-Castelbuono segment, Palermo-Messina line. Of relevance the viaduct on the Malpertugio stream and the Carbone 1 and 2 viaducts, Sicily, southern Italy, Client Italferr SpA, 2005

Imperia Station, located on a bridge on the homonymous river, preliminary design, architect Massimiliano Fuksas, Client Italferr Inc, 2000

Bridge on the Biferno river, Termoli-Chieuti line, comprises access spans for a length of about 1800m and three main steel truss 70m spans, construction design, Client Italferr Inc, 2002

High Speed Line Venice-Trieste, Portogruaro-Ronchi dei Legionari segment, comprises viaducts on the rivers Tagliamento, Stella and Isonzo, preliminary design, Client Italferr Inc, 2006

Existing viaducts in the Casalbordino-Vasto line, southern Italy, studies, experimental investigations and dynamic tests on the substructures subject to AAR phenomena, Client RFI Inc, 2006

Milan-Neaples High Speed Line, proof engineering for the Modena viaducts, engineer prof. Fabio Brancaleoni, comprising about 600 prefabricated prestressed concrete simply supported spans and a pair of three span continuous viaducts, with max span 55m, Client TAV Inc, 2005

Rome-Neaples High Speed Line, proof engineering for eight prestressed concrete viaducts, engineer prof. Fabio Brancaleoni, Client TAV Inc, 2003

Milan-Neaples High Speed Line, proof engineering for Fontanellato cut and cover tunnel, engineer prof. Claudio Valente, Client TAV Inc, 2005

Saronno-Malpensa rail link, Sacconago-Vanzaghello segment, comprises the Vanzaghello Station and miscellaneous civil works, construction design, Client Ferrovie Nord Milano Inc, 2005

Costantina Metro, Algeria, design for participation to tender of the Station and of two viaducts, Client SINA Inc, 2007

Rome-Lido rail, part of Rome Metro, B Line, construction design for the strengthening of a steel overpass on Malafede Road and of a masonry arch bridge over the Laurentina Road, Client Met.Ro. Inc, 2006

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