Miscellaneous cable stayed bridges,
an overview

Road and rail Fehmarnbelt Crossing, Denmark to Germany. Participation to the International Board for the review of the bridge alternative, comprising two twin 900 m cable stayed spans and 200 m span access viaducts for a total length of about 19 km, Client Femern A/S, Denmark, 2009

Stonecutters Bridge, when opened in 2008 second cable stayed worldwide with a centre span of 1018 m, Hong Kong. Participation to the International Board for the review of the design, Client ARUP & Partners Hong Kong-COWI-BMT Asia Pacific JV, 2002-2003

Favazzina viaduct near Scilla, with a main span of 220 m is one of the most relevant of the A3 motorway in Southern Italy. Scope of work comprised numerical analyses and construction drawings of steel deck components, Client INCO Inc., 2008

Rail bridge on the Po River, 200 m centre span, Italy, the main structure of the Milano-Bologna High Speed Line. Dynamic railway runnability analysis, Client Tecnoproject Ltd, 1995

Wadi Dib Bridge, 280 m centre span, Algeria, overpassing the artificial reservoir formed by the creek. Seismic response analysis, Client Tecnoproject Ltd, 1994

Wadi Kuf Bridge, 282 m centre span, Libya, the main span designed by Riccardo Morandi. Numerical analysis of erection stages for the retrofitting project, Client Tecnoproject Ltd, 1994

Kirumi Bridge, 150 m centre span, Tanzania, 1981-84, numerical analysis of the erection stages, Client GSLE Inc., 1981-1984

Designs or consultancy for international tenders, not awarded or suspended: 550 m span road and rail cable stayed bridge & access viaducts for the 3rd Tagus crossing (Client Tavetejo Consortium, 2008-2009); prestressed concrete cable stayed bridge, RN 77 motorway, Algeria (Client Condotte Inc., 2008); two cable stayed bridges on the Ragusa-Catania motorway (Client Condotte Inc., 2007); 490 m span road and rail cable stayed bridge on the Oresund (Alternative design development, 1995, Client CMF Sud S.p.A. and Burmeister & Wein A/S)

Preliminary project for the redevelopment and recovery of the slopes of the Aventino Hill, Rome, with mechanized connection between the Tiber and the Orange Garden, terrace overlooking the Tiber and cable-stayed bridge on the route of the ancient Ponte Sublicio, Client: Resources for Roma SpA, 2006

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