Miscellaneous arch bridges,
an overview

Retrofitting of an existing masonry arch road bridge struck by the 2009 Aquila earthquake, Central Italy, Client ANAS Inc, 2014

Concept design of a 300 m span arch and of a 150 m span lift bridge on the Santos Harbour, Client Consorcio Serra Do Mar, 2011

Retrofitting of a metro rail masonry arch bridge on the Laurentina Road, Rome, Italy, Client Met. Ro. Inc, 2008

Strengthening of the existing reinforced concrete arch on the Petroso stream, Salerno-Reggio Calabria Motorway, Southern Italy, Client STE ltd, 2001

Consultant or designer for international tenders, not awarded or suspended: arch bridges on the Etihad motorway, UAE, Client Impregilo-Samsung-Tristar JV, 2013; 610 m span steel arch bridge for the 6th Dubai Creek Crossing (Client Impregilo-Cimolai JV, 2007

EDIN Ponti Ad Arco Miscellanea Petroso
EDIN Ponti Ad Arco Miscellanea Laurentina
EDIN Ponti Ad Arco Miscellanea Fiumarella
EDIN Ponti Ad Arco Miscellanea Etihad Motorway
EDIN Ponti Ad Arco Miscellanea Dubai Creek
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