Maldonado Water Works

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013

Client Ghella Inc.

The Maldonado Stream is an underground spillway that runs under Juan B. Justo Avenue draining into the Río de la Plata, 21.3 kilometres in length, protecting from floods several areas of the city. Detailed design and construction drawings of shafts and hydraulic works.

EDIN Maldonado 1
EDIN Maldonado 7 DSC 0919
EDIN Maldonado 5 NV 27 (8)
EDIN Maldonado 6 Maldonado Render
EDIN Maldonado 4 Pianta Pozzo Campitura
EDIN Maldonado 2 Foto Aerea Cantiere
EDIN Maldonado 1 Maldonado Punta Carrasco BingMap
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