Storebælt Crossing

Denmark, 1986-1987, 1988, 1994-1995

Clients Storebælt A/S, CMF Sud Inc, Coinfra Inc

The Storebælt Suspension Bridge is the main crossing in the Great Belt Fixed Link between the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen and, with its centre span of 1624 m, was when opened in 1998 the second worldwide. In a first phase E.D.In. participated to the International Board for the review of the design on behalf of the concessionaire Storebælt A/S, now Sund&Belt A/S. Subsequently acted as designer for CMF Sud for the participation to tender, winner, preparing the design for tender of global and minor alternatives, the latter accepted and introduced in the project, as well as designing a major alternative, accepted, for the access viaducts proposing a typical span of 193 m. Last, during the construction acted as expert witness for claims related to the steel deck erection on behalf of COINFRA.

Ref: F. Brancaleoni, R. Bartelletti, S. Caramelli, G. Diana, L. Sanpaolesi: The East Bridge for the Great Belt Permanent Link: Italian Role in the Design, Atti Congresso Nazionale ‘Giornate Italiane della Costruzione in Acciaio’, Collegio Italiano dei Tecnici dell’Acciaio, CTA, Viareggio, October 1993

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