Main Road SS372 “Telesina”

Southern Italy, 2019-in progress

Client ANAS Inc

Doubling project of the Main Road SS372 “Telesina”, an important link in Campania, Southern Italy. For Lot 1, from San Salvatore Telese to Benevento, E.D.In. was in charge of the detailed design of twenty five viaducts, among which most relevant are named Maria Cristina, Pantano and Sanniti, all on the Calore river, with composite continuous beam structure. Fifteen existing viaducts have been upgraded as well, replacing their prestressed concrete simply supported decks with new continuous beam composite ones, preserving and refurbishing piers and foundations. All the viaducts are seismically isolated. Last, Lot 1 comprises five underpasses and eleven flyovers, whose typology is the winner of the “Reinventa Cavalcavia” design contest.

It is presently under development the detail and construction design of the Lot 2 of the same Main Road, comprising as main works the bridges on the Volturno and Titerno rivers.

EDIN Infrastrutture Stradali Telesina Scheda A3 1
EDIN Infrastrutture Stradali Telesina Scheda A3 2
EDIN Infrastrutture Stradali Telesina Scheda A3 3
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