Braila Suspension Bridge

Braila, Romania, 2015

Client: CNAIR

The suspension bridge on the Danube at Braila, located not far from the river delta, is the main crossing in an important North-South road link of local and transnational relevance. Presently under construction, with its 1120 m of main span and a total length of 2204,3 m shall become one of the largest in Europe and the largest in Central-Southern Europe. E.D.In. prepared the feasibility design of the structures of the bridge.

F. Brancaleoni, CONCEPTS AND NEW PERSPECTIVESFOR LONG SPAN BRIDGES Keynote Lecture, CAR International Conference, Bucharest, 9 – 11 July 2015

Braila 1a
Braila 2
Braila 3
Braila 4
Braila 5
Braila 6
Braila 7
Braila 8
Braila 9
Braila 10
Braila 11
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